"You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep a record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experiences. "Gordon B. Hinckley

Come follow me, we can get lost together but we will have FUN!

10 February 2015

Be the Chocolate Chip

Tonight for YW we will be having a planning meeting but wanted to also give a short fun lesson! This is a quote from the book. I found the cute idea BE the Chocolate Chip

"The Chocolate Chip became famous for its ability to stand firm against the heat of the oven. Be the Chocolate Chip helps to bring to life the qualities that help us as followers of Christ and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints stand strong and firm in a world of ever-increasing heat. Jen and Amy outline four steps that we can follow each and every day to stay firm and strong, and to be the chocolate chips in the cookies of life."How can you stand firm and strong?

Can discuss how the chocolate chip under great heat doesn't change it's state. (adversity and trials) No other ingredient can be seperated from another after they had been mixed but the chip can! This is a great object lesson on being in the world and not of the world.

We will then make some Eggless cookie dough
and I will have home made chocolate chip cookies! There is also a book called The parable of the chocolate chip cookie! I couldn't find this book. But, I do want to get it!
I advertised with this cute guy! 

08 January 2015

DANDELIONS.... finding the pretty amongst the weeds

Gone are the dandelions and gone are the days where my children were little. How many countless dandelions made it through my front doors of each home we have lived in.
How many endless smiles were given as my children so proudly handed me a beautiful a yellow weed, sometimes pristine and perfect and other times limp and lifeless. I always received them with great joy and happiness and would keep them in a small glass with water until they would wither away and die and I would toss them to the can, always a bit sad.

I love the dandelions. They are a symbol of innocence and pure love. I guess if asked what my favorite flower I would have to say a dandelion. WHAT?? It's not a flower, it is to me. Of course, I have a few other favorites but none hold a light to that of a beautiful dandelion. It represents my children and their ability to see beauty in the smallest things and to know to act immediately! They don't worry if it isn't good enough, or pricey enough. All they know is they see it and think of me and know that I would love it!

A dandelion symbolizes pure love. My beautiful children with light in their eyes would be out playing and stop dead in their tracks and pick something that they deemed beautiful and who did they want to give it to? Not to their friends, not to their dads, or any one other than to me, their mother. They thought of me and they picked it and with all adoring love gifted it to me! I love that pure innocence. I love that pure intent, not being worried of cost, or of looks or if it was the right size.

Early into our marriage when Warrior was three or four years old. He would bring me bouquets of flowers. Mr. Incredible was so busy working 60 hours and sometimes more, along with holding down 18 credits and making the Dean's list. How he did it, I have no idea. I believe he was on auto pilot and to make things even more challenging I was pregnant and on bed rest! I also felt neglected at times. I wasn't a needy wife, perse' but I did need some reassurance from time to time. I whined that I was being forgotten and he wasn't spending time with me or Warrior. (GEE, I wonder when I would like him to, time was definitely a rare commodity between that and his church calling. But, it was through a small boy, our boy that taught us many lessons! That life can be simple and it's not in the cost of the gift but to know that you are thought of.

I let Mr. Incredible know that I wanted him to bring me home weeds too! That Warrior could see something and in his eyes he saw beauty but more importantly that he thought of ME!.

One day Mr. Incredible brought me home a dandelion also. I laughed and then I cried because he heard me and thought of me and during such chaos and trial he remembered to stop and smell the dandelions and give thanks for all that was good in our lives! We since learned that if I was ever feeling like I needed extra love I would set an empty vase outside the door. Not to be filled immediately but that week, with either flowers or a little extra TLC! Placing the vase by the front door helped to ward off storms in our marriage and strengthen each other. Lessons from a dandelion and a little boy. God truly teaches us through our little ones. If we observe them we can learn so much.

A rose - The lesson of a rose

Shelle's post prompted my response. She doesn't mind sharing the goods on her other blog! She  is always a great read. She is young beautiful and I love that she She said she felt like she became more beautiful because of her children like she didn't know who she was early on in marriage. Really just click over and read what I'm talking about.

My response was I think of it like you were a beautiful rose bud. And with life experiences you blossomed and became a beautiful rose but we all know what happens after a rose blooms....it withers and dies. I threw that into just keeping her humble. But my response really prompted a true feeling.
Seriously, I hope that I pace myself and bloom and spread my petals daily because I look forward to each knew ray of sunshine that each day brings. I want to see grandchildren. etc,
but I hope that when my petals shall all fall that they would fall in the right time, when all of color has left the petal and when the last petal has shrivelled I would have known and my family and friends would have known it was a good life and the fragrance of the wilted petal would linger on in a sachet of sort like a beautiful memory.
I am 40, I don't see myself living to 100 so I have about spent half my life. I am being a better care taker and gardner of my rose. I am careful to be nourished only in the things that truly matter and are lasting to my family. I keep myself protected from the harsh winds by going to church, attending the temple and finding joy in serving. I have learned to take and prune a few of my thorns off through experience and repentance and tolerance. By learning to accept the things I can not change and still willing to change the things I can.
Thanks Shelle for prompting such an emotion from me.

LOL- Is Anyone Laughing?

Is Anyone Laughing?

In my miamaid class which consists of girls who are 14 and 15 yr old girls we have an activity each week. Where we do something fun but also has a learning principle either practical or doctrinal. We all have various senses of humor and mine can lean on the snarky side. Working with beautiful wonderful girls they also can be highly hormonal due to all the changes in their bodies as well as things that come about in their homes and at school. We thought an activity like this would help us get to know one another's laughing points and understand each other better.

The Sunday prior to our week day activity I asked them to research and find you tube videos that were funny and humorous. (no swearing or any other in appropriate things) and to also come with some stories that they would share of something funny that happened to them personally.

The night was a GREAT SUCCESS the howls of laughter permeated the room and we even had a few belly laughs that lead to tears! These girls are hilarious!! We entered our room and sat around a table and we first talked about what is funny.  We then watched some of the video links that each of the girls had brought in and that set the setting! We talked about and shared each others funny stories that happened to each of us and the girls all shared in laughing with and not laughing AT! We also learned to be observant of each other.

I bought jolly ranchers (jolly) and Laffy Taffy. Did you know that Laffy Taffy has jokes on the wrappers? They do and they were funny! WE also had a few popsicles that had jokes on the sticks and read a few of those.

I read a few remarks and quotes from Russell Wilcox "Is Anyone Laughing?"   Cutting remarks are really hurting.

Putting someone down is no way to build a friendship. People may chuckle at a put down to save face but deep down negative humor hurts.
"Keeping a sense of humor helps us endure the trials of life. It is truly medicine to the soul. " True friends help you feel better about yourself.

A good way to know if your comments are building or hurting is how many times do you have to follow your comments with "just kidding" or Love you, mean it Just kidding is a cop out. God did not send us here to degrate each other but to bless each other. (D&C 108:7

Elder Marvin J. Ashton in the New Era March 2009 Sometimes the humor in my family crosses over and the teasing turns to hurt. There are questions and answers about humor and how to deal with things if friends or family hurt your feelings. They need to know their behavior is not ok and gives ideas how to help this.
Have a better relationship so that you are able to distinguish between being hurtful and playful.
Love and Serve
Don't say Hurtful things, talk to the person and be an example.
"One of the adversary's tactics in the latter days is to stirring up hatred among the children of men. He loves to see us criticize each other, make fun of and generally pick on each other. The way we treat the members of our family is as important as are some of the more noticeable gospel principles.

We also played fun games! One of my favorite games is where everyone gets a balloon blows it up ties it to your leg with a string or ribbon and you have to protect your balloon while still trying to pop another person's balloon.  We also had a balloon relay where you blow your balloon up, tie it off and be the first to pop it.  I also brought saltine crackers and we shoved them into our mouths and had to be the first to whistle. Silly funny games that got the girls to relax, let their guards down, and let each other in.

03 December 2014

Seeker of Light

As my family grows and my interests have changed I have struggled to where I want to see my blogging go. I'm happy to be back typing my thoughts.

 I recently was on a photo shoot with a beautiful young woman. Our session began at 4pm and for about 20 minutes we dealt with light that cast a bit of a cold blue haze. But, as we continued shooting and moving around the pond the magical twilight hour came upon us and kissed her hair, cheeks and eyes!

 It was beautiful and incredible and every photo taken was breathtaking and gorgeous!!! I was so excited and thrilled and I just knew she was going to love every single shot. We were able to relax and pose and change outfits and take our time and everything had that golden glow around.

I noticed the trees around us were casting deep shadows and we had to seek higher ground. We began gathering our things and moving around and searching for the perfect spot, once again. When you are a natural light photographer, you are always seeking the light. We found another spot in the park with great lighting and I was able to fire off three or more pics before we had to gather and move our things, once more.

We were always seeking the light. We would search for it, find it and get there and have to move again. Previously, those very same areas were perfectly lit. The sun shone all around us but as the sun continued to journey across the sky and begin to set, our feet continued to hurry faster seeking it.
We finally went to higher ground and we were able to shoot for another 15 minutes of having a beautiful glow behind her and then the final minutes came where it became too dark to shoot.

 As I relate it to a gospel principles I realized that we truly are seekers of light. I seek for the light that brings out the best in their hair, eyes and skin and as a photographer, I will move around until I find it. In my personal life I seek for light that brings out the best in me and my family. I revel and bask when we find that perfect spot of warmth and comfort and familiarity. When the light shines on your face and it's the perfect temperature and you close your eyes and breathe it all in, only to give a beautiful exhale and release all stress, anxiety, fear and negativity.
As we were scrambling and running to the next area with perfect lighting, I realized we couldn't be there for long. We had to continually move because our light source was moving. I learned that sometimes what can start off good and appropriate can change and we need to recognize and be aware of where our light source is and if it is moving we must be willing to move with it.

It was a physical manifestation that when I got to higher ground I was able to bask in the once fleeting light a little longer. It matters where we stand. If we are going to be seekers of light we must stand in holy places.  May we always seek out the best of all things. Strive to be a little better and make a change in the world. One person can make a difference.  In Doctrine and Covenants 109:  And as all have not faith, seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; yea, seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom, seek learning even by study and also by faith;    

  to see more images from this session please go to http://chrys-tell-clearphotography.blogspot.com/2014/12/miss-r-charlotte-nc-senior-photographer.html 

25 February 2014


I love Sundays and this is why! Sundays are days that we have completely to ourselves. Sundays we just chill out and let the moment dictate what will be done. We play games, watch movies, talk, eat and just exist.

I look forward to Sundays because we always have a great dinner. We always have a dessert but more importantly than food is it is a day of pure enjoyment. Fridays are the tail end of school and I work Fri mornings, then Dash has baseball practice Friday night. Saturday consists of ball games for the majority of the day and I am scheduled to work 16 hours on Saturdays. I usually can get one of the shifts covered if not both. So, if I am home it consists of ball games and running 4 children to movies, and friends homes and then picking them up from these events. OK, I must confess. I don't do this Mr. Incredible does. The point being there is no silence, quiet time or down time.

Sunday arrives and we are busy in the morning preparing for church. I run a quick load of laundry so that when we come home I can toss it in the dryer and the children won't be in a panic frenzy that they do not have their favorite uniform pants or something to wear Monday morning.
My family is loud. They talk loud, whisper loud, fight loud, etc. They are just LOUD! The car ride home from church is NOT enjoyable at all. Usually one or two of them have already earned themselves 5 minutes to bed early for not listening. Today, the younger two earned themselves 20 minutes to bed early. Yeah, it was one of those days. Literally, they have break downs in the car. However, once we get home and changed from their church clothes, and once we get pass picking up your bedrooms and straightening downstairs my home transforms into being a manic house to a house of order. I love that I can recognize the moment that my house changes and the spirit of harmony re enters. I should be so much better on Saturday nights to have my home this way Sun. mornings but I regress and too, need a day off from the daily grind and harping to keep this picked up, wash that.

I can not, absolutely can not cook or begin to prepare food in an unclean, disorganized home. We usually quickly come in toss something into the microwave or make a sandwich etc to tie them over until dinner. I have to start at the front room, work to the powder room, laundry room, and living room and then onto the kitchen. Once these rooms have been cleaned and straightened then I can think about preparing dinner. It explains why everyone is still in a bit of frenzy when we first walk into the house.

Once every thing is done my mood changes. I go from being anxious to calm and happy. Someone always asks what will we watch today. We always reach for the old time favorite Disney movies. We will watch 3 or 4 on Sunday. We play games, talk and just being in the presence of everyone. No one runs upstairs and hides out in their rooms, no one is on their telephones, texting or talking. The air is filled with laughter and the sweet anticipation of what we will be eating. Mr. Incredible usually makes one of his specialty smoothies or a special Sunday drink. (milkshakes, daiquiris, pina coladas) Everyone just works together.

Someone always talks about what they learned or a discussion that happened. The younger talk about primary and the older ones talk about what their lesson but more in an inquiry. Like this happened, I don't agree with what was said. like that! because it means they want to know what we feel and think about the subject. It is just us!

After dinner, I mosey into the kitchen and clean it slightly and then if I didn't prepare dessert Beauty will always hop in the kitchen and bake us something. She is so good at this. She loves to bake. We all lay around the floor and and the couch on each other and nobody seems to mind that they are touching each other. (Normally, it is stop touching me, don't touch me,) Oops, that's me saying those things! We then say family prayers and the kids head up to bed without much of a fight. I wonder if I could make more week days more like Sundays?

BTW, we had a GREAT dinner. I do not like enchiladas. Mr. Incredible likes them but I don't care for them. My mil and sil have made them before but I have never had an enchilada that I would swoon over or cared to make until I made these!
This will be my go to recipe and I will continue to make them. They were a huge hit. My children loved them and they do not care for enchiladas either. I will post the recipe to the recipe blog later.


Chant with me:: Cheer song voice::

I say WHO rocks the house
I say the Dawg rocks the house
and when the Dawg rocks the house
He ROCKS it all the way down!

This boy can raise the roof when he sleeps. It is almost deafening.
He can rally any jet engine. But, when I look at him he just brings me peace.
Unless, I see this
Yes, he can't stay out of the trash. He is a sneaky guy. He only attacks the trash when we are completely out of the house. WE can be upstairs and he will never touch the trash but as soon as he hears the engine rev, he will go straight for the trash can. I have gotten to the car and forgotten something come in and he will be in the trash.
Yes, I try to remember to put the trash up but I forget.
He also loves entire loaves of bread. He will eat the bag and all. The sick part is we find it in his morning digestion in the back yard. Nice, huh? Wanna see??

WHAT KIND OF GIRL do you think my mama raised?? Ok, you are right I would so post it but Mr. Incredible isn't as crude as I am. :consider yourself blessed:

11 July 2012

PROM 2012

It literally took me almost two hours to work my passwords and figure out which gmail account I have all of my blogs on. Pretty pitiful that I haven't visited this writing place in so long that I forgot all passwords, usernames and to find that Blogger has revamped its site. Fair warning this is photo heavy!

Beauty was all set to go to her big prom and then things changed and she wasn't sure she was going. However, she decided the day prior that she was still going to attend on a SINGLE ticket and just have fun with the all of her friends and not worry about the date. (Truly, I admire her for that because I don't know that I would have done the same).

We put things in gear and we found a dress a week prior. We drove out to see it, saw it, loved it, and bought it.  It was also fun finding the perfect accessories that would compliment her and her dress. Her dress is a beautiful Mori Lee dress. Very typical ball gown with lots of tuille and sequinn beating. It is Carolina Panther blue! She wanted to feel like a princess in it and she did. So, we had the prom ticket, the dress and now all we needed was a PICTURE DATE! After all, it is all about the pictures!! So, we decided on DaMarco. He was going to wear green to match his date. I said, I would buy a blue bow tie and all he would have to do is switch out ties for our pictures.

Mr. Incredible and I were quite impressed by what a well mannered behaved young man that DaMarco was. He has been invited over many times. He plays football and wrestles and just signed a 4 year scholarship for football to Minnesota!. WE are proud of you Marco! His brother currently plays at Mizzou and we hope to attend a game this year and cheer them on.

I made Beauty's wrist corsage. It was a hot pink rose centered between two gardenias which smelled absolutely amazing! D's flower lei was made with white carnations accented with hot pink tips. I wanted desperately to use more gardenias but we did not have enough blooms.

 DaMarco and Beauty both wore their prom clothes to church the next morning. The flowers or her hair did not survive but they still looked stunning. DaMarco went to church with us the next morning and all I could think about was the movie Blind side and he being a fly in milk in our ward. LOL, but he was a great sport! (I may or may not have leaned over to Mr. Incredible and asked him to call me, Mrs. Tooey)


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