29 May 2015

A day after Fasting

I feel amazingly hopeful and calm. Rest is so important when going through trials. There is nothing like being confronted with a good mountain to get me motivated and moving. Yep, I am the type of person who needs a challenge and can get quite comfortable in Lazyville.

When Mr. Incredible and I were just newly married of almost 2 years we had the world at our feet. WE had just moved out to Utah to enter college. WE had just entered the state of Utah and a baby was dropped into my womb. WE hadn't had jobs, registered for school or anything. WE barely found a place to live. My pregnancy was very high risk and so was his birth. We quickly found jobs and had a two bedroom apartment and all our high risk doctors and appointments were in place. Once we overcame that mountain we were faced with another mountain. More choices. Our baby was born premature but healthy. WE moved back to NY and we made very good money back in the early 80's a family of 3 making 80k without a college degree was good money. But, it came with a cost. My Mr. was away from home and his new son a lot. Another mountain of deciding can we walk away from a good life and embark on only a hope that things can be better? We made the decision to go back to school two years later and move to Texas. Mount Everest awaited us there.

This move tried our patience, our love, our testimony and our sanity. It was one of the hardest times. Emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. I don't care to recounter that time in Texas but only to say the second time we moved to Texas was drastically different. We had a different perspective. WE were prepared. We had a little boy who depended on us. He needed us to be his rock and we were determined and united that we would be that rock.

I had a husband who worked 60 hours a week, took 18 credit hours,and we had a very active healthy 3 year old son and I worked for barely above minimum wage. We were always on the verge of poverty. The stress of our bills were overwhelming and we vowed never to placed in that predicament again.

Mr. Incredible enrolled in school and it was make it or break it! There was not an option for him not to succeed! We had many great friends and ward members who helped us and looking back those were some of my fondest memories.

Another MOUNTAIN was in our way. We are on track and have 9 months to graduate! But, a baby would be arriving around graduation or finals week. I was forced to find happiness and joy in temperatures over 100 degrees at midnight while 8 months pregnant, an AC unit that barely worked, cupboards empty and tornado warnings weekly. Don't forget a rottweiler in a 800sq ft apartment, in foodstampville, TX. (mind you we didn't qualify for food stamps because my husband was a full time student and couldn't say he was available for 40 hours a week, yet, he worked 60 hrs, a week. Nice! It was disappointing and left me feeling hopeless. I qualified for wic and that helped so much! My little boy got peanut butter and eggs and milk and he frequently requested peanut butter cookies! He was such a great baby and he always would be so thankful and so excited when I was in the kitchen. He would beam, "What are you cooking me, mommy?"

Our welfare system enables and breeds laziness. Too many loop holes for dishonest people to take advantage and honest people to have the doors shut on them. They would rather help and  pay for everything if Mr. Incredible would quit attending school and we could qualify for food and other assistance but a person trying to work and attend school and having limited hours doors were shut. I said, how about just our little boy and I? Nope!

The next mountain came when I was put on bed rest. I did so much better during this pregnancy I lasted longer. But, my doctor had felt that our little boy would elevate my pressures too high and he would need to stay with someone until my husband could be there. HELLO, he is taking 18 credit hours and 60+hours. He isn't home much!

Joy came from serving. Joy came from magnifying my callings in the YW's presidency and in my visiting teaching and joy came from having great life long friends.

I often look back to those times as some of my most favorite times. I wish I had enjoyed that moment or the season I was in more fully. I vowed that if faced with another trial I would search for blessings in the storm.

I see the blessings. Our family is so resilient. We are teaching our children how to handle and deal with disappointments and to be frugal by example. We are more humble. We are more prayerful. We are more thankful. These are such good lessons. I am thankful for my thorns.

Now that we are employed and the blessings seem to be pouring from above. I am mindful and almost forceful not to forget the journey we had just emerged from. As good times continue it is hard for me to not fall into old snares. Doom always looms in the back of my head but as we are abundantly blessed I look to bless others. I serve outside of myself and family, our temple attendance is tremendous.

28 May 2015

Deliciously Dirty 4


Mr. Handsome called me everyday twice a day until the weekend. We talked about everything to nothing. I became addicted to hearing his beautiful voice on the other end. Hearing his voice at the end of a busy day was just what the Doctor ordered, the Love Doctor. I believe I was smitten. But, how could I be? We had only known each other for a mere weekend and had spoken each day for a week. But, those late night talks of sharing and opening broke down walls that would have never come down had we gone out every day. It's that physical attraction and business that gets in the way.
I said goodnight to him and had not realized that that would be the last time I would hear from him. I had just expected to get my routine morning call. But the call had never come. What had happened?  I was left with feeling lost and a bit unstable. I questioned myself as to why I had allowed myself to become so dependant on his mere phone calls and on him. I was bothered but hid those feelings of disappointments from my roommates. I finally resolved, "Oh well", It was nice while it lasted and good knowing ya..and mentally crossed Mr. Handsome off my list.

Previously written Deliciously Dirty posts can be found to the right of my side bar. Please feel free to catch up on the DD!

It was odd until a knock at my door came and I opened it to find Mr. Handsome standing on my door step grinning from ear to ear with roses again! I had already started to detatch. I knew it was mere hours but it came without warning and then here he was standing before with so many visual tantilizing stimulants before me. I was stunned. I couldn't process the amount of eye candy before me.
One, He was there in all his sexiness. Two, The sunlight kissing his blonde hair and it begging to be touched. Three, I could just feel his body temperature penetrate right through my body. I felt his eyes searing through me as his twinkling stare was comprehending my lack of response and his strong stoic body waiting for embracement. Four, He was standing before me with roses again and their sweet aroma wafted straight to my love sensory gland that undeniably shouted, "smitten" and number Five- He smelled absolutely sensual! He wore obsession for Men and clearly at one inhale I was obsessed!
But, all of these emotions happened in under one minute because the one resounding emotion that took over was that of humiliation and embarrassment and the only thing I wanted to do was flee.
Imagine my surprise? I was shocked! I was mortified! I wasn't ready! I wasn't even dressed. Especially to greet such a beautiful vision that was before me. My hair was in rollers! I was mid faced make up! My heart raced so fast I thought I was having an anxiety attack. My face was so flushed and it burned like I had a 3rd degree sunburn. I stammered, uhhh, "COME IN". I opened the door wider as I ushered him into our always messy front living area and motioned for him to have a seat on a notebook papered filled couch amongst crumpled balls of paper that clearly missed the trash can.

I didn't kiss him nor did I take those roses that were clearly purchased for me. I just let him in and  I quickly ran off into the bathroom to finish primping and nervously apply the other half of my face!
I wonder to this day, if that is how he envisioned his arrival going? I am thinking he was hoping I would leap into his arms and give him an endearing kiss for his wonderful unexpected surprise. I wonder what was going through his mind as he waited for me to finish dressing.

I shout from the bathroom, FREAKING OUT, trying to hide my uneasiness and nervousness.

"What the heck are you doing here?"

He said, "Oh I was just in the neighborhood and thought I would swing by".


I can hear him chuckle from the room. Gosh, I love the way he laughs!
He asked if I had any plans and I replied devilishly, "Well, as a matter of fact, I do!, I'm getting ready for another NCMO"
Silence from the other room. Oopsy, homey don't like that game!
He suggested I cancel them since he came all this way just to see my gorgeousness! Awe, the way to melt this heart quickly is flatter me unjustly. I quickly call the girls who I always eat with and let them know I have a change in plans. This didn't go over so well but at that moment I didn't care. Dinner was a standing commitment and one of my roommates Rachel, wasn't too fond of Mr. Handsome. She liked him but she wasn't sure of him. She watched me return from Winter break reclused and a bit depressed from not being with Mr. Blue Eyes to going out and having fun only to see me fall quickly for someone I had only known a week. She was a good friend and sounding board but mostly she didn't like that he was occupying my time. ...da dot dum...

I quickly finished getting ready and we went out to this place where he used to work before his mission, The Sizzler. I uncomfortably ordered dinner. I absolutely hate it when someone pays for me. I feel indebted. (Not drop your pants indebted)(that was meant to be humorous but depending on your background...I'm just sayin...) My parents never allowed others to pay, they would always pay. Mr. Blue Eyes and I dated enough that I was comfortable with him paying because he had two jobs and I also knew that we were an item, and I would be able to treat also. Mr. Handsome insisted on paying and this made me feel like I was wearing a wool sweater in the middle of July. So, to say I was uncomfortable was a serious understatment.  It was like he was unevening the playing grounds. " Thanks for dinner", I stammered then silence. I'm sure he was thinking what the heck? This girl is hot one moment and cold the next!

Mr. Handsome broke the awkward silence with what do you want to do? I don't know I hadn't planned ongoing on a date much less deciding what we would do for this date! This was work out night, if we weren't dancing we were in the gym. (maybe, that is why I stayed so slim. I was running and working out always) I was athletically built in High School but not having a car at college and this new routine brought my stealth frame to a slender comfortable 6 and fit size 4. I took a health and fitness class and we did a body fat measurement, in the water, which is the most accurate. I had 7% body fat! I wasn't skinny like twiggy. I was just athletic, in fact I weighed 140 pounds. Now wrap your head around that number and those sizes? See what muscle does for a body?(I should have reveled those days but it is true. You never truly enjoy what you have until its gone). I still felt I was fat and constantly strived for 120 pounds. 130 pounds was where my body would stay and that was difficult, my frame liked the extra 10.

Now, Mr. Handsome and I are sitting in awkwardness and not quite sure what to do, this isn't going the greatest for me. I am now uncomfortable twice on our date. One more and I'm out of here and I'm pulling out the sick card. I am the most awkward person when it comes to awkward situations. I magnify them and it is so painful for me that my sweat glands become overactive and start spewing from every pore!

 So... Did I pull the sick card out or did Mr. Handsome save the date?

12 May 2015

Deliciously Dirty 5

Now, Mr. Handsome and I are sitting in awkwardness and not quite sure what to do, this isn't going the greatest for me. I am now uncomfortable twice on our date. One more and I'm out of here and I'm pulling out the sick card. So... Did I pull the sick card out or did Mr. Handsome make it happen?

This is my 5th series of Deliciously Dirty, my little love story . If  you are following our love story just click on the previous posts to the left!

We went and saw a movie. Mr. Handsome was so excited and thrilled that it was showing. It was the strangest oddest movie I had ever since in my 19 years. Oh no! My hand is twitching to reach into my pocket to pull out the sick card. The movie was called "Fletch Lives" and Mr. Handsome loved it! He laughed at everything most heartedly. He had obviously seen it many times and I never.  It was also my first experience with someone quoting a movie out loud and laughing prior to the joke. I keep looking around me at all the other people sitting in this theater watching their reactions. They too are laughing hysterically. Am I the only prude, am I the only one who doesn't appreciate Chevy Chase humor? Mr. Handsome was clueless to the fact that the movie was boring me to me. I was laughing at him and his outbursts. He was like a child in a candy store lapping up every scene with such an insatiable appetite. I found him humorous and delightful to watch. I enjoyed listening to his audible unhindered chackle. A chuckle and a hackle mix. He thought I was laughing at the movie. 

Throughout the movie he would reach for my hand which was always readily available to be held. He would bring my hand over to his lap and the two of our hands would rest on top of his knee as if there was an invisible mold that cradled our hands. Occassionally, he would caress my back and play with my hair some. I'm not much for hair playing it slighly annoyed me and I playfully leaned forward and took a drink, hoping that I wouldn't offend.
The movie ended and I breathed a huge sigh of relief! YES! now we both can truly fun. Mr. Handsome grabbed my hand and helped me with my jacket and escorted me out to his car. He asked me if I liked the movie. I said, not as much as I enjoyed watching you like the movie. He was taken back at my response. He had the look of disappointment riddled across his face. It was hard for him to hide such raw emotion and it caught me by surprise. He was jilted. He wanted me to enjoy it as much as he had. I had not realized how much my happiness meant to him and how much he wanted to please me.  (But to this day, I still struggle to like Chevy Chase and his humor). This moment and that feeling had made a lasting impression on me. I wanted him to always feel success with anything that he did for me or planned for me, that I would express my gratitude first.

Mr. Handsome always opened my door for me. I was accostomed to this because Mr. Blue Eyes would always open every door for me as well. EXCEPT, Mr. Blue Eyes would adorn me with compliments.  Mr. Blue Eyes would say, "After you Beautiful" or "For you my love", it would always send a rush of blood straight to my cheeks. I loved it, I thought it was special only to me, until I heard it escape his lips to others and I realized it wasn't just for me, it was a part of who he was.

I liked Mr. Handsome's mannerisms. I liked his ability to laugh at himself and to laugh! I liked his carefree sense and I liked that he wasn't worried if others thought he was laughing too loudly. I always worried too much of what others thought. His strong sense of self and confidence calmed the twitching hand that had been twitching earlier for the sick card.  Mr. Handsome has a silent sense of strength that shouts I am capable of anything you wish of me. I was wondering what Mr. Handsome was doing back in my neck of the woods so very far from his own.

I didn't feel that Mr. Handsome was thinking long term or anything with me. I felt that he had nothing better going on in Provo and would come visit his friend again. Seeing me was just an added benefit. Our night over all was ok and fun but I didn't get any lip smacken! The movie was over and I had 15 minutes to get back to the dorms before curfew! Yep, living in the dorms on school campus has a curfew. Gosh, if I come in late my dorm mom is waiting in the main entrance gathering room with a sign in sheet! Dang, she had the ability to make you feel like a heathen and let me tell you 15 minutes isn't worth feeling that. So, I had two choices. Meet the wrath of Dorm mom or miss curfew and wait until she goes to bed.

What would my decision be?

Defenders of the Family Proclamation

This month's visiting teaching message is we can choose from any of the conference talks from April! I'm choosing one from each Conference session! Defenders of the Family Proclamation!
Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson speaks on three points of boldly defending the Lord's doctrine pertaining to Marriage, families, divine roles of men and women and the importance of our home and sacred places.

This is from the Women's conference! 

Oprah Winfrey had Maria Shriver on her show and Maria shared a story of what it was like to be in her home! it hit me as poignant and something that I was going to implement in my own home. She had mentioned or wrote in her book about being the only girl with four brothers and coming from a highly competitive family in everything but her father was adamant about when they walked through those doors they would only be kind to each other. That the world tears you down but in their home, in those doors was their safe place, a haven. I knew I wanted that too. I knew how cruel and hard the world is on you, and the negative feed back our children are fed daily from music, friends, teachers etc, even church. But, in the walls of our home they would not have that! I have tried and I have failed somewhat as well, but it has been an active goal to accomplish! 

I honor and love being a mother! It is my most aspired career! anything else I labor for and get paid for is a just a job but motherhood is my career! I educate myself in how to decorate our home, make whiter clothes, cook, clean every aspect of my career my goal is to excel. I want to be respectful of my husband's job and the money he earns! I don't want to spend it frivolously. I want him to be with us and for our children to find happiness in moments and not in things! I am glad that Mr. Incredible has set our divine rolls as nurturer, mother and father as his top priority as well! 

The choices I have made for and behalf of my family are mine and not all have worked but all were made with the intentions of doing what I felt was best. There is not one plan of what works for one will work for another. We are so different and such individuals who have different strengths and weaknesses! We need to be prayerful and turn to the Lord for inspiration and guidance so we can align our will with His. 

27 April 2015

Visiting Teaching Message April - Attributes of Jesus Christ without guile or hypocrisy

This month's message is being more like Christ by learning to be without guile or hypocrisy! Such an excellent message that can be found here!

What is it like to be without guile and hypocrisy. As I put this trait to task I realized that there were areas in my life where I needed to work on this more! I found that I am pretty persuasive and able to get people what I want or need them to do by just mere suggestion. Is this guile? I knew I wanted them to do something, so instead of by flattery first or mere suggestion shouldn't I have just requested and asked for them to do what I wanted them to do in the first place. I also learned that I can omit things from conversation. But, did this lack of detail serve me better or the other person. I consider myself a pretty good person of high integrity and words or motives may escape me at first but my CONSCIENCE always always gets the better of me and I have to be honest and forthright and tell you, the real deal and deception on my part. I felt like there was deception but when coming clean people look at me like I'm weird! Sad, because they don't even know when they were being manipulated because it has become the norm in our society! I think because I have been manipulated and lied to and people who don't honor their words both stranger and friend. I have become quite a skeptical and reserved person when it comes to depending on others. Church member and friend, stranger and acquaintance. I never take things for face value and always am trying to decipher if there is an hidden agenda in someone's requests! So sad, but I've been betrayed that way and true betrayal only comes from those whom you have trusted.
I believe it is why I am brutally open and honest and cut to the point and let you know what I need from you and the reason why I come back and disclose all. I'm not a saint at completely being honest I struggle when I think I may get in trouble but honesty has always proven me well, and it is the greatest compliment when employees and friends and others look to my answer for confirmation.

Understanding that Jesus Christ is without guile and hypocrisy will help us faithfully strive to follow His example. Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin (1917–2008) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said: “To beguile is to deceive or lead astray. … A person without guile is a person of innocence, honest intent, and pure motives, whose life reflects the simple practice of conforming his [or her] daily actions to principles of integrity. … I believe the necessity for the members of the Church to be without guile may be more urgent now than at other times because many in the world apparently do not understand the importance of this virtue.”1
Of hypocrisy, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, said: “None of us is quite as Christlike as we know we should be. But we earnestly desire to overcome our faults and the tendency to sin. With our heart and soul we yearn to become better with the help of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.”2
We know “we will be judged according to our actions, the desires of our hearts, and the kind of people we have become.”3 Yet as we strive to repent, we will become more pure—and “blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God” (Matthew 5:8).
I'm grateful for these little golden nuggets that we get to work on each month!

This great handout can be found here! I just love her blog and that she shares!
I love the talk about looking through our own windows and not judging! I am the least judgmental judgmental person I know! Did you catch that?? Read it again!
I really do give people the benefit of the doubt and if someone tells me I'm not going to like someone I instantly like them! and when being briefed on a new calling and we have to go over names I listen until it goes negative and I will say, Please don't tell me anything more. I would like to base my judgments on how they treat me or how they react! I don't wan't to be swayed by other's opinions!

Being with the youth I hear a lot of comments and words that they say and use. I am surprised that things that I think are very judgmental are not in their eyes. What is being judgmental? I think being judgmental is anytime you JUDGE or put another person down and whether by your words, dress, actions, or deeds you attempt to rise yourself! Some things that I hear make my heart pound right out of my chest and I can't respond how I want to, but bite tongue and truly choose my words carefully. I ALWAYS ALWAYS re-echo what I just heard, say I understand how they could see it that way and then give the TEACHING MOMENT. Have you thought about this? Can we hold them to the same standards if they haven't been taught it. Youth pass judgement on each other, but then so do adults. Hears the judgmental part on MY PART- I hear these things and I shy away from the families. Because if their children feel this way they hear it from somewhere.

I think there is some hypocrisy in our church. We as parents teach our children to be friends with everyone. But, do we really mean it? Don't we mean be nice to everyone and be friendly but you aren't to be their friend. We worry and are concern if our children begin spending time with a smoker, a drinker, a pot user, etc. What would it look like, you will give the appearance that you do these things too! I HAVE TWO children who taught me this lesson painfully because I was the parent I just described and called on my hypocrisy! Mom, we are taught that we are to be friends and help and do this but you don't really want to do it. So True! Why, because I feared! I worried that perhaps they would be influenced and turn against all the years of our teaching and their upbringing and they would be influenced by one person who they met for weeks! C'mon, it's happened! What it boiled down to was they had a GREATER understanding of not being judgmental than we had even taught. We went over my concerns and what I truly worried for. I worried about their salvation. I worried that they would falter and make a wrong choice. But, being friends and teaching a better way and testifying of things they believe not only strengthens the individual but it strengthens THEM! and we discussed that it would be best to hang out and get to know people in our home and that their new friends were always welcomed in our home, as long as they respected our rules. I wanted to get to know them better so I could be comfortable.

What a wonderful blessing it is to have children so I can learn a better way and learn a deeper sense of trust, not only trusting my children but more importantly understanding that the atonement is more than a cleansing agent for sin, it is for everything!

Attributes of Jesus-Long Suffering and Patience

For the Month of March the visiting teaching message is learning Long Suffering and Patience! You can read more about here!

I really loved the words by President Uchtdorf this month!!
Patience is often thought of as a quiet, passive trait, but as President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, said, “Patience is not passive resignation, nor is it failing to act because of our fears. Patience means active waiting and enduring. It means staying with something … even when the desires of our hearts are delayed. Patience is not simply enduring; it is enduring well!

These words in bold are so true we don't just sit back and say what comes will come! and not just enduring it but enduring it well! I know that we have had to be patient in waiting on the Lord and that I had to have enough faith that the Lord knew I had to trial to become a better stronger me! I'm so grateful that each trial which at times have seen overwhelming that I plowed through it, endured and was able to see the sun and the bigger blessing!

President Uchtdorf continued, “Patience means accepting that which cannot be changed and facing it with courage, grace, and faith. It means being ‘willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon [us], even as a child doth submit to his father’ [Mosiah 3:19]. Ultimately, patience means being ‘firm and steadfast, and immovable in keeping the commandments of the Lord’ [1 Nephi 2:10] every hour of every day, even when it is hard to do so.”1

Patience to stand firm and steadfast and immovable in keeping the commandments of the Lord. I have often felt like a duck on water. I may look calm and peaceful but underneath you are paddling like heck to stay afloat! I tried to always be strong for my children and others when inside I was anxiously waiting for the Lord to attend to me. Paddling like heck to do the daily tasks and fulfill callings, being ACTIVELY patient on the Lord. Continuing to do the things I knew to be right, to serve willfully and to give openly, even when it is hard to do. To be submissive to the Lord and knowing that in His time he would take care! I have heard many ask me how did you get through that, how did you do it? I still have no answer and sometimes I think did I get through it? But, the answer is You have no other choice! You just do it. You see what has to be done and you do it! You don't have time to sit and wait for someone else to take care of it and the number one thing that has gotten me and us through everything is FAMILY and sticking together. We are united in purpose and like a flock of geese is one injured we rally around them honk to encourage them and we are the wind beneath their wings. If you have never learned of the formation of geese as they fly you should read it, it's quite incredible!

Visiting Teaching Feb 2015 - Attributes of the Savior without Sin

This months visiting teaching message is Attributes of the Savior without sin! This is a cute handout that was found here! As always our monthly message can be found here

Can we become more like Him? Can we work on being without sin?

Our Savior, Jesus Christ, was the only one capable of making an atonement for mankind. “Jesus Christ, the Lamb without blemish, willingly laid Himself on the altar of sacrifice and paid the price for our sins,” said President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency.1 Understanding that Jesus Christ was without sin can help us increase our faith in Him and strive to keep His commandments, repent, and become pure.
“Jesus was … a being of flesh and spirit, but He yielded not to temptation (see Mosiah 15:5),” said Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. “We can turn to Him … because He understands. He understands the struggle, and He also understands how to win the struggle. …
“… The power of His Atonement can erase the effects of sin in us. When we repent, His atoning grace justifies and cleanses us (see 3 Nephi 27:16–20). It is as if we had not succumbed, as if we had not yielded to temptation.
“As we endeavor day by day and week by week to follow the path of Christ, our spirit asserts its preeminence, the battle within subsides, and temptations cease to trouble.” 2
I know that He knows me! I know that although he was perfect and without sin that He understands every thought feeling and emotion that I feel. He understands my hurt, pain, insecurities, and He knows my love, desires and aspirations. I know that He knows me perfectly because of His greatest gift to me! He atoned for my sins and he atoned for my life! He loved me that much, how could I not love myself that much in return? I wish that the youth of today could truly understand this concept. I wish that adults of today would understand this! If we each truly understood this there would be less sin and more love and tenderness extended to everyone. I am not perfect and I fail each time I try, but I also get a little better each time I try and I never stop trying! Life is meant to be enjoyed and when we falter we are quick to make it right! I am so grateful for my Savior. I so love Him! May I strive a little harder to become more like him as I work on this attribute of being without sin! (may I always know and remember to pray daily and nightly and ask for forgiveness and strength to do better). 

Visitnig Teaching JAN 2015

I'm going to back track a bit because I want these on my social media sites and I want these on my blog! Now, that I can finally blog after 5 years of sparse entries! So, some pictures will be a back track of things and memories that I remember from the pictures! I want to capture moments, feelings and memories again! The hand out came from Marci Coombs

WE are focusing on the attributes of Christ and this month it is Obedience! I love that these messages are to strengthen and make us better and more Christlike! The message can be found here.

The scriptures teach “when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated” (D&C 130:21). Our spiritual growth takes place as we draw close to God through obedience and invite the power of the Savior’s Atonement into our lives.
“As we walk in obedience to the principles and commandments of the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, “we enjoy a continual flow of blessings promised by God in His covenant with us. Those blessings provide the resources we need to act rather than simply be acted upon as we go through life. … Obedience gives us greater control over our lives, greater capacity to come and go, to work and create.”2
I've had to work on being willingly obedient! I may obey but at times I do it begrudgingly or because I am suppose to or because it is expected to me! It has been great to do it because I truly want to! To do it because I decided to and it has been nice to feel that as I let go of the natural desires to be selfish to see the attribute of true obedience bless my life! Willfully obedient! Life is good and the gospel of Jesus Christ is so empowering and liberating! Would you like to know more? Please check us out at lds.org!

Decisions Determine Our Destiny!

When I lived in MO our Relief Society made 12x12 Tiles with vinyl lettering that read "Decisions Determine our Destiny", it is a quote from our prophet Thomas S. Monson which was first given in 1979!  and then more recently he gave an address found here.

Today I opened up my instagram and my heart got an INSTANT HUG or should I say an INSTA hug? I've seen this quote many times and we have it in our home but it meant more because it was posted by WARRIOR! I love him so and even though he is married and just recently celebrated his 24th birthday I still worry for him. Perhaps, it is because he is my first born but he makes my heart smile. Maybe because he was the brave one who chose to forge the way and take a chance on me that I would be the best mother to him which then convinced his three siblings to take a chance on me to be their mother and for that I am eternally grateful!

But this 24 year old man, who will always be my little boy, still loves his birthdays and celebrates them an moments with families with the same vigor that he had when he was 20 years younger! I love that!

But, he posted this picture and these words and if you know me on instagram than you know I HASHTAG the heck out of everything! I think it is comical to use hashtags and my children not so much! They are embarrassed by my hashtags so for the last year or so, I have tried to taper the hashtags.

I couldn't be more proud and I love he rocked his HASHTAGS! Sometimes, God answers the prayers of your heart in the sweetest ways! This was one of them! " Go forth and Go forward and may the decisions that you choose bring the Destiny you see!


I continue to trick myself and tell myself for the past few years that two of my four children are grown and I no longer need to worry. But, the insane thing is when I married almost 26 years ago this July, amidst all the unwanted, unwarranted incessant words of advice when we first married or had our first child NO ONE truly gave me words of advice that would resonate or impact me as important as these words of advice I would soon realize almost two years after we married. So here it is! Two of the most important things I think a couple should know (kid wise)

1. The concept of marriage and children and having a happily ever after takes constant WORK, and I mean all capitalized! Having a beautiful garden and having it smile back at you takes constant tending and nurturing and fertilizing. You must pull the weeds out as they sprout and not wait until your garden is over taken and it makes for well set roots of deeper weeds and are sometimes so hard to pull out. Very much like a marriage and a relationship with your child! BUT, I feel duped or somewhat lied to or perhaps at 22 when we had our first born brought to us 10 weeks premature. I may have been viewing life through rose colored glasses!

2. You don't always stay in that happily ever after mode. Real life sets in and real bills come in and real expectations take over.

3. NO ONE told me the true importance of having a baby. I was always approached with WHEN do you two plan on having a baby, and Oh children are so fun, they are such a blessing and TRULY they are! But, how about getting down to the nitty gritty! When you choose to have a baby you are choosing to put aside your life and completely nurture and grow another life NOT for 10 years not for 20 years but for the rest of your life! You will continue to worry and love as soon as that heart begins beating inside your body!

4. I was under the fallacy of when my children turned 18, I could have my life back! Well, my oldest and my youngest are 10 years apart! But, then somewhere in the middle priorities change for the best as I learned to let go of the good and the better to reach for the best and my life's ambitions are more family geared than they were when I first set out on the journey of being a wife and a mother.

5. I remember when our oldest took out his own endowments when he was 19 and we went through the temple together! I had inhaled a glorious eternal breath and exhaled and thought to myself as I hugged him in the Celestial Room of the St. Louis, MO Temple. My work is done. I have accomplished all I can do as a parent. FOOLED AGAIN!

6. Almost 3 years later our oldest married in the Washington D.C. Temple in Kennsington, MD and this is where I raised my arms in celebration! YES, I am done! One child given back to the Lord! All saving ordinances have taken place.

But, does a true gardener ever leave their garden? Aren't they always pruning and fertilizing and weeding? And so it is true with parenthood. and that is the MOST IMPORTANT words of advice! When you make the choice to be a parent you are choosing to care and worry about all areas that your DNA footprint will have until your last breath. So, there is never a I'm done. But, more of a let me sit back and watch! Let's see how well I tended this plant. Will it grow and bloom and MOST importantly will it whether the storms, or the weeds when hard times comes or when someone else forgets to tend to the soil? Is there enough fortitude in this once little plant to withstand the elements?

I have a wonderful glimpse of what our loving Heavenly Father must feel. Did He nurture us enough while we were in his presence to withstand the elements of our earth life and as we progress and treat one another and curb our desires, wants and needs to be more Christlike and tend to the needs of others, does he smile as we continue to progress and think I'm almost done. I'm one step closer to not worrying? No, He will never stop worrying and never stop watching and smiling with our triumphs and hurting with our failures. He will never stop until we are safely home with him again!

10 February 2015

Be the Chocolate Chip

Tonight for YW we will be having a planning meeting but wanted to also give a short fun lesson! This is a quote from the book. I found the cute idea BE the Chocolate Chip

"The Chocolate Chip became famous for its ability to stand firm against the heat of the oven. Be the Chocolate Chip helps to bring to life the qualities that help us as followers of Christ and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints stand strong and firm in a world of ever-increasing heat. Jen and Amy outline four steps that we can follow each and every day to stay firm and strong, and to be the chocolate chips in the cookies of life."How can you stand firm and strong?

We will then make some Eggless cookie dough
and I will have home made chocolate chip cookies! There is also a book called The parable of the chocolate chip cookie! I couldn't find this book. But, I do want to get it!
I advertised with this cute guy!