11 July 2012

PROM 2012

It literally took me almost two hours to work my passwords and figure out which gmail account I have all of my blogs on. Pretty pitiful that I haven't visited this writing place in so long that I forgot all passwords, usernames and to find that Blogger has revamped its site. Fair warning this is photo heavy!

Beauty was all set to go to her big prom and then things changed and she wasn't sure she was going. However, she decided the day prior that she was still going to attend on a SINGLE ticket and just have fun with the all of her friends and not worry about the date. (Truly, I admire her for that because I don't know that I would have done the same).

We put things in gear and we found a dress a week prior. We drove out to see it, saw it, loved it, and bought it.  It was also fun finding the perfect accessories that would compliment her and her dress. Her dress is a beautiful Mori Lee dress. Very typical ball gown with lots of tuille and sequinn beating. It is Carolina Panther blue! She wanted to feel like a princess in it and she did. So, we had the prom ticket, the dress and now all we needed was a PICTURE DATE! After all, it is all about the pictures!! So, we decided on DaMarco. He was going to wear green to match his date. I said, I would buy a blue bow tie and all he would have to do is switch out ties for our pictures.

Mr. Incredible and I were quite impressed by what a well mannered behaved young man that DaMarco was. He has been invited over many times. He plays football and wrestles and just signed a 4 year scholarship for football to Minnesota!. WE are proud of you Marco! His brother currently plays at Mizzou and we hope to attend a game this year and cheer them on.

I made Beauty's wrist corsage. It was a hot pink rose centered between two gardenias which smelled absolutely amazing! D's flower lei was made with white carnations accented with hot pink tips. I wanted desperately to use more gardenias but we did not have enough blooms.

 DaMarco and Beauty both wore their prom clothes to church the next morning. The flowers or her hair did not survive but they still looked stunning. DaMarco went to church with us the next morning and all I could think about was the movie Blind side and he being a fly in milk in our ward. LOL, but he was a great sport! (I may or may not have leaned over to Mr. Incredible and asked him to call me, Mrs. Tooey)


2busy said...

She looked beautiful! What happened? Did her date back out? Glad to see you figured out your passwords and are blogging again.

Cynthia said...

I love that girls sense of who she is and I am so proud of her for going anyway. I wish I'd been that kind of girl in high school. Oh that places THAT one will go with her self-confidence. Sigh. You're great parents!

Alicia said...

Wow!! I'm so impressed by her! That shows what a confident young lady she is!!! And she did look beautiful! I love the pictures of the two of them!!

I missed ya!!

Sue said...

You are back!!!!! Have missed you so much.
Your daughter is gorgeous. I love her attitude.

Beautiful pictures♥

tammy said...

Great pictures! I'm glad she went and had fun. The dress is gorgeous. She looked beautiful!

H.K. said...

What a beauty! She looks gorgeous in her prom dress and the corsage you made for her is beautiful. Glad to see that your back to the blogging world- cant wait to read more updates on your family!

kc_froglady said...

Oh she looks absolutely stunning in that color and the dress is the perfect princess dress! So glad she went. The pics are gorgeous and D looks handsome too!

H.K. said...

Hey I know you must be really busy, but I wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a great Thanksgiving!