25 February 2014


I love Sundays and this is why! Sundays are days that we have completely to ourselves. Sundays we just chill out and let the moment dictate what will be done. We play games, watch movies, talk, eat and just exist.

I look forward to Sundays because we always have a great dinner. We always have a dessert but more importantly than food is it is a day of pure enjoyment. Fridays are the tail end of school and I work Fri mornings, then Dash has baseball practice Friday night. Saturday consists of ball games for the majority of the day and I am scheduled to work 16 hours on Saturdays. I usually can get one of the shifts covered if not both. So, if I am home it consists of ball games and running 4 children to movies, and friends homes and then picking them up from these events. OK, I must confess. I don't do this Mr. Incredible does. The point being there is no silence, quiet time or down time.

Sunday arrives and we are busy in the morning preparing for church. I run a quick load of laundry so that when we come home I can toss it in the dryer and the children won't be in a panic frenzy that they do not have their favorite uniform pants or something to wear Monday morning.
My family is loud. They talk loud, whisper loud, fight loud, etc. They are just LOUD! The car ride home from church is NOT enjoyable at all. Usually one or two of them have already earned themselves 5 minutes to bed early for not listening. Today, the younger two earned themselves 20 minutes to bed early. Yeah, it was one of those days. Literally, they have break downs in the car. However, once we get home and changed from their church clothes, and once we get pass picking up your bedrooms and straightening downstairs my home transforms into being a manic house to a house of order. I love that I can recognize the moment that my house changes and the spirit of harmony re enters. I should be so much better on Saturday nights to have my home this way Sun. mornings but I regress and too, need a day off from the daily grind and harping to keep this picked up, wash that.

I can not, absolutely can not cook or begin to prepare food in an unclean, disorganized home. We usually quickly come in toss something into the microwave or make a sandwich etc to tie them over until dinner. I have to start at the front room, work to the powder room, laundry room, and living room and then onto the kitchen. Once these rooms have been cleaned and straightened then I can think about preparing dinner. It explains why everyone is still in a bit of frenzy when we first walk into the house.

Once every thing is done my mood changes. I go from being anxious to calm and happy. Someone always asks what will we watch today. We always reach for the old time favorite Disney movies. We will watch 3 or 4 on Sunday. We play games, talk and just being in the presence of everyone. No one runs upstairs and hides out in their rooms, no one is on their telephones, texting or talking. The air is filled with laughter and the sweet anticipation of what we will be eating. Mr. Incredible usually makes one of his specialty smoothies or a special Sunday drink. (milkshakes, daiquiris, pina coladas) Everyone just works together.

Someone always talks about what they learned or a discussion that happened. The younger talk about primary and the older ones talk about what their lesson but more in an inquiry. Like this happened, I don't agree with what was said. like that! because it means they want to know what we feel and think about the subject. It is just us!

After dinner, I mosey into the kitchen and clean it slightly and then if I didn't prepare dessert Beauty will always hop in the kitchen and bake us something. She is so good at this. She loves to bake. We all lay around the floor and and the couch on each other and nobody seems to mind that they are touching each other. (Normally, it is stop touching me, don't touch me,) Oops, that's me saying those things! We then say family prayers and the kids head up to bed without much of a fight. I wonder if I could make more week days more like Sundays?

BTW, we had a GREAT dinner. I do not like enchiladas. Mr. Incredible likes them but I don't care for them. My mil and sil have made them before but I have never had an enchilada that I would swoon over or cared to make until I made these!
This will be my go to recipe and I will continue to make them. They were a huge hit. My children loved them and they do not care for enchiladas either. I will post the recipe to the recipe blog later.


Alice Wills Gold said...

I'm still amazed by your regiment.

I agree that I have to have a clean kitchen to feel good when I start preparing food, but it doesn't always happen

I love smoothies! and GOOD enchiladas..not all enchiladas are creating equally.

I am so happy for your happy Sundays...ours are wonderful also. They are really nice when my hubby is actually home (he's in the Bishopric and I swear all this no meetings on Sunday was not taken seriously by anyone in the church)

Yes, I too am the worst in the family to tell people to give me MY personal space...I usually loathe it when the kids lay all over me. I only appreciate it on a really good day (another reason I am a DIFFERENT kind of mom)

Chrys said...

Alice we are more and more alike. I am one of those different kinds of moms to. I love to give hugs and kisses but when its through I am through. I am not a cuddle bug in bed either. Basically, the same rule applies like the hugs and kisses. No need for extra hugs and kisses and cuddling. I do like my personal space. I don't like to be caressed or stroked. If someone or something brushes against my arm or leg. I have to rub it to wipe that feeling away. I like to be touched but not lightly stroked etc. It just bugs me. My entire family thinks that is so weird and to annoy me they will lightly rub my hand, arm or leg! Just to get a laugh.

H.K. said...

You have a very busy schedule! I can understand why it's hard to keep up with blogging and why Sundays are so precious. It's funny how the hours leading up to church can be hectic, but once you get home and eat dinner-everything is calm. My son loved Sundays because it was the only day of the week, he had some homemade dessert. During the winters, I made homemade bread and put it in the bread maker when we would go to church. So when we got home....a hot home baked bread greeted us at the door!

Missed seeing ya blog!
p.s. Looking forward to the Enchilada recipe- my hubby makes them, but he's always looking for a new twist on them.